Pay only 50%!

Natural gas companies and government agencies devoted to energy efficiency know the enormous benefits generated by the optimization of steam systems. That is why the upgrading of steam networks is generously funded in Canada.

Read the excellent document of Union Gas on the optimization of steam networks:
« Is your steam system draining your operating profits? ».

Grants for feasibility studies

Lalonde Systhermique Inc. is accredited with Gaz Métropolitain, enabling our clients to benefit from the Gaz Métro Energy Efficiency Measurement and Promotion Program. Firms that meet the conditions of the program receive financial assistance equivalent to 50% of the cost of our energy efficiency feasibility studies..


Grants for steam system optimization

You can obtain financial assistance of up to $ 25,000 per building serviced with natural gas when implementing measures to optimize your steam system.

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Lalonde Systhermique also fills applications according to the assigned territory.